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Korindo Network Travel is a quality direct-sell, adventure travel Operator. It's name is derived from the abbreviation words meaning 'Komodo Rinjani anD Orangutan' - the essence of adventure trips. And 'Network' is our goals to integrate to wildlife and nature. 'Travel' is sign to work in tourism industry. It was founded by Gilang Albanjari, who brings to the company 12 years of invaluable experience, leading groups on major expeditions to more than hundred islands within Indonesia archipelago. Korindo Network Tours and Travel has been set up with the full intention not to become a large., conventional travel company, as we feel there is a real need for an individualised quality service, providing direct and constantly updated information - hence the absence of travel agents in remotely places in Indonesia.

There are many advantages with booking directly from the travel operator: You, the customers, obtain better value for money, as well as a personal approach to your journey. By simply picking up the phone, Whatsapp, blackberry messengers and or sending E-mail, you will receive accurate answers to your questions. As you can see, rather than mass-producing the kind of colour brochures which package a wide selection of trips together, we prefer to provide factual what we advertise is what you get complete with details itineraries, so you are clear about exactly where you will be going, how you will get there, and what experience you will encounter once you have arrived!

Concentrating on making each individual project special, instead of aiming for quantity, allows us to avoid the formality often involved in travel operations. Indeed it is hoped that Korindo Network Travel will become more of a club, by the very customised nature of it's approached. All of our projects are carefully chosen and meticulously well-researched.

We are looking for real adventure, in every sense of word. You will be experiencing many different aspects of travel, from indigenous culture and wildlife, and trekking, to diverse sports activities such as water rafting, surfing, diving, snorkeling, horse riding, sea walker, etc.....and, of course , time to relax!

Our curent 2015 projects offers a unique opportunity to discover the raw beauty of Borneo, the third largest island in the world, and is typically representative of athos we have created at Korindo network Travel.

2015 top pick tours and adventure trips in Indonesia:

Komodo Adventure Travel, Mountain Rinjani Climbing, Orangutan Camp Leakey Tours, Mount Krakatoa Camping, Toraja Land Tour, Mount Bromo Tour Packages, Mount Kerinci Trekking, Travelling Papua Indonesia and Borobudur Temple and Mount Merapi Trekking.

Komodo rinca Mount Rinjani crater Orangutan camp leakey Borobudur Temple

Mount Bromo Toraja land Mount Kerinci kersik tuo Krakatau Java

Baliem Valley tribe Mount Merapi Jogjakarta Toba Lake Sumatra Banda island

Indonesia Island Informations

Tour Program

  • Island Expedition Trips 15 Days 14 Nights
    This trip visiting three islands in Indonesia, Flores, Kalimantan and Lombok island. The trip starts at Bali and Finish at Lombok airport.
  • Indonesia Trip 21 Days 20 Nights
    This long trip visits eight states/provinces which are including West Sumatra, Centre Kalimantan, Yogyakarta, East Java, South Sulawesi, Flores, Lombok and Bali island. The trip begin in Padang West Sumatra and trip ending in Bali.
  • Adventure Indonesia 30 Days 29 Nights
    The 30 days long trip is our the longest adventure trip in Indonesia and it will be most covered the highlight of tourist destination. The trip starts in jakarta and finish in Jayapura in West papua Indonesia.
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